October is out the door and November is here!! October was a bad month for the Dow as it dropped 7%+ but it was one of our BEST months. Review the webinar from last night to look into all our trades.

We will be closely watching $TLRY and $CGC to see if they could get a pop in the morning and bring some sort of life back to the cannabis sector!

$PXS- Shipping company that broke a 10 month resistance during power hour and it closed strong so we will be watching for a potential continuation tomorrow. This stock was the stock that sparked up with the shipping stocks last week. In the past 20 days this has had multiple days of big spikes. On 10/22 it spiked from $1.30 to $1.60 and $1.65 to $2.45 on 10/29 which shows the spike a bility. When this broke out of the $2.45 resistance it spiked to $2.65 in the last 5 minutes. We will be watching to see if this could hold the $2.35 support and continue past the $2.654 for a potential quick morning flip. Watching DRYS as this was the old leader of the shipping section so if this is up pre market we will be watching closely for this potential move.
             – 3.6M public float (wsj) 322K avg volume | 1.8M traded Tuesday
$TOPS- Another shipper that closed at the high of day which was just under nuti day resistance but it has now popped after hours and it is now over multi week resistance of $2.21 after hours now. We will be watching this one with the shippers as well as this had a HUGE move on 10/22 going from $1.43 to $ pre market. We’ve also been following this one for a while and we’ve seen big spike sin the past too. We will be watching for this to hold the $2.10 support in the morning and hold over the $2.21 resistance for a morning continuation. If DRYS, DCIX, SHIP and PXS up in the morning this and PXS will be on high watch.
          -16.8M public float (wsj) 1.8M avg volume | 4.3M traded Tuesday

$APHQF – OTC Canadian Cannabis Stock created it’s first big Green Day on Wednesday on news that the Company will be up listed to the NYSE and begin trading there on Friday. This news comes at a good time as the stock has been dropping since 10/17 when Canada legalized Cannabis Recreationally. We bought 880 shares at $11.89 with 5 minutes left before the close as this stock clearly created its first Green Day and was closing strong. A lot of the other Canadian Cannabis stocks that were also downtrending with $APHQF were $MMNFF, $NBEV, $EMHTF. Looking to sell these shares into a gap up and run on Thursday but if it doesn’t hold green on the day and doesn’t hold $11.50 daily support we will likely cut losses. Looking for this sector to bounce as a whole so all of the other sympathy plays are a possibility as well.

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